We help E-commerce and info products businesses scale and level up through Email Marketing.

  • Stop the excuses. Stop wasting time and money on ineffective strategies for your business.
  • What’s stopping you from getting amazing ROI’s ?
  • Grow and expand your sales with proven strategies

We GUARANTEE results and eliminate all the risk for out clients

At Mauve Media, we are 100% performance driven. Meaning we don’t accept payment until after we have generated you those hefty profits. We do this because we want to eliminate the “I have been burnt in the past” sayings. Trust me we have heard this more times than we can count. We changing the agency space one business at a time, by doing the business the right way.


Email Marketing

Email marketing has become the forgotten art in a world of flashy paid advertising platforms.
Facebook, Instagram, Google, Tiktok, Snapchat ads etc. are all amazing, but what about the back end? What about the relationship with your customers?
If you aren’t generating at least 20% of your total revenue from email marketing, do your business a favor and chat with us for a FREE email audit.



Yes paid advertising. Why?
Because It yields the best results for growth. It is the needle mover for e com businesses and allows for scale like never before.  
We know you have heard other marketing agency’s excuses. “Your website is the problem” , “your creatives aren’t right” , “the  timing isn’t right “.
Its time to stop the excuses and work with us.


Why do founders work with us 

In depth analysis and research.
Before diving into the ads we do an in depth market research. We analyse your competitors and your customers’ behaviour. It is important to speak the same language as your customers.  We do this by going where you customers are, like reading amazon reviews or simply reading comments on Instagram and Facebook
Testing and Optimization
Let me let you in to a little secret. No one can guarantee that your campaigns will be a success. The markets are volatile, but the way to always win is to simply out test the competition. And we do this in bucket loads.
Scaling is a word that’s thrown around too easily. This is something that can only be done once you have done some ground work on your campaigns. There are different ways to scale and it’s dependant on your goals. We tailor the scale accordingly. It’s a unique skill to scale at different rates depending on the business. And we possess that skill.

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