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Email Marketing Case studies

The beauty of email marketing is that the ROI is insane, you can expect can ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. And that’s exactly what we got with this client. Total spent $300 and Revenue made $12078. Quick background check, this was for a beauty brand that we worked with in the US. As you can see above the majority of the revenue came from campaigns. 

Some more client results...

Facebook Ads Case Studies

$50k - $3M in 8 months

This was done across 3 ad accounts hence the 3 screenshots. HERE’S HOW WE DID IT! We used No-Targeting Technique in the beginning.

  • We put a minimum $1000 a day so the pixel learns fast and starts targeting better audiences.  We were doing a ROAS of 5 the next week. Then after 5-6 weeks we started to decrease the budget gradually because the ROAS decreased.
  • In ads, we used image ads and video ads both with Dynamic Creatives (3 primary text, 3 Headlines and 3 descriptions) this was to prevent the ad fatigue. This helped in making amazing lookalikes, which are helpful in generating high quality purchases in future. 
  • For retargeting we structured our ads this way:
  1. ABO $20/ day
  2. Fb page engagers 1-3-7-30 days exclude past 30 days purchases
  3. Instagram page engagers 1-3-7-30 days exclude past 30 days purchases
  4. Web Visitors 1-3-7-30 days exclude past 30 days purchases
  5. People Who Added to cart 1-3-7-30 days exclude past 30 days purchases

Kept it running for a few weeks because Custom audiences keep getting updated. Result

was a $50,000 in sales in $10,000 ad spend

$10k/pm to $125/km in just 30 days!

I’m going to be honest, with this brand we timed the market perfectly. As you know we have been kind of forced to spend more time at home in recent times and home entertainment has become popular, and that fits perfectly with this art brand. Thus we were able to get a 8x ROAS across 30 days. The ROAS has stabilized to a stable 3.5x which is still great considering we are now able to spend more in ad spend(more in cash value). To break it down what has worked so well with this brand is the creatives and our offer. We tested a load of different offers and generally the simple percentage discount worked best (more on that in the above case study video). Keep in mind they also offer a money back guarantee and we leveraged this in our ad copy. For our creatives we once again tested like crazy and the top performing creatives were testimonial video and image ads. But note( testimonials ads of customers actually using the products.)

Some more client results...

504 Leads in 12 Days !

This was an info product client, meaning all revenue that we generated was almost PURE PROFIT. They offer people a way to lose weight through intermittent fasting while establishing habits to a healthier, more energetic lifestyle. We used Facebook Ads to generate leads for a 3 week intermittent fasting program and free webinar. In 2 weeks we generated 504 new leads with a cost per lead of $3.27. Our ads also generated 40 course purchases making our ROI a solid 2X. We structured our work in stages as follows…

1) Define: Using detailed audience research, we defined who their ideal client is and created audiences that would convert. 2) Design: Once we knew who their ideal client was, we created a personalized funnel strategy to make sure we were nurturing her leads to increase brand awareness and increase conversions. We also ensured that all her pixel conversions were properly set up on her website. 3) Execute: With our funnel in place, we designed and created all campaigns in the Facebook Business Manager platform. 4) Optimize: We A/B tested various campaigns to find the best ROI.

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