Our philosophy

What do we represent ?

Why do we have accountants, lawyers,financial advisers, personal trainers,cleaners?

and the list goes on…

We have these professionals because we trust them to help us manage our taxes, finances, health etc.

Why do we trust these people?

Well because they are experts in their field. And not just that, they also take time off our hands, time which we can use to grow our businesses or spend with our loved ones. That is one of the main reasons Mauve Media was created. At Mauve Media we pride ourselves in helping your business grow by taking care of your marketing, which is one of the, if not the most important aspect of your business.

Managing a business can be stressful at times because there are so many sectors to take care of. We understand that running ads is not going to help if your funnels/website or sales process isn’t in alignment. That is why we offer advice on the entire sales process. Its not technically part of our service but we always strive to go above and beyond for our clients.

Here at mauve media we believe in “there is a time for everything” and that is why when we work, we ensure we getting down and dirty to get you great ROI’s. However when the work is done and we celebrating our great results, we love doing it with you, meaning we try and keep our relationship with you as relaxed and friendly as possible while still getting phenomenal results. 

Having read our philosophy, why don’t you just book a discovery/consultation call with our founder Joshua Damons. The discovery call is just to bounce questions around to see whether we would be a good fit for each other. And if we are not, hay you have just walked away with a free consultation on marketing strategies which you can implement yourself. Its honestly a no lose situation, a no brainer.